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Our winery is situated in the antique wine village Cornaiano near Bolzano (South Tyrol). 

The Cantina Spumanti Lorenz Martini is a little family enterprise which was founded in 1985. 

Our sparkling wine Comitissa Brut Riserva is produced now as before by hand according 

to the traditional method of champagne production.


The colour is straw-yellow and luminous, 

the perlage is very fine and persistent.

The charming bouquet reminds of honeycomb,

fresh bread-crust and flint with a delicate

fragrance of banana and citrus fruits.

The taste is full-bodied, harmonious and persistent.

Comitissa Brut Riserva is served as aperitif, with antipasti,

starters as risotti or pasta and fish.



Our vineyards are situated in Cornaiano, 

Appiano-Monte and Cologna near San Genesio. 

We exclusively use grapes of Chardonnay,

Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir which grow on 500-800m 

above sea-level. 

Despite the mediterranean climate, this regions

give to our excellent product 

its pleasant freshness and taste.

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